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Stop Managing Your Time

We get caught up in time management and productivity but what it there was different way to approach time? A way that made all your wish-to's and want to's priority with enough room for all your "Have-To's"?
Learn the method of Time Design to create a life you love while still managing all the things you don't.

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Everyone. Moms. Dads. Employees. Entrepreneurs. Teenagers. Humans in General.

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Tanya MFK
Tanya MFK, Success By Design
13 hlasů

Tanya MFK is an American Expat, international speaker, host of the My Designed Life Show, Business Consultant & Life Strategist.
She's made Plzen her home and is committed to supporting her community through economic and personal growth.
With over 20 years of experience in global marketing, business development and planning strategy working with Fortune 500 companies and million dollar startups to solopreneurs and small businesses, she leads masterminds, courses, workshops and retreats to teach entrepreneurs how to untangle their business, unbusy their lives, and unleash their vision without sacrificing joy or sanity.